Considering Pet Surrender? We Are Here to Help

Our No Pets Left Behind, Keeping Families and Pets Together program is designed to help you keep your pet instead of surrendering the the shelter.  We accept on average 4, 500 animals annually regardless of age, medical condition, or behavior problems,  stray or owned.  There are many community and homeless animals that need shelter and care, and for owned pets, the animal shelter should be a last resort for rehoming– even the best of shelters can’t compare to a loving home.

Please contact our shelter staff to discuss your needs so we can help you keep your pet instead of surrendering to the shelter.  
We can help with the following as long as funding allows:

•   Pet food 
•   Crates
•   10 x 10 cages when you don't have a fenced in yard (this is based on funding)
•   Fence mending for reasonable problems  (board replacement, minor hole repair)
•   Temporary foster homes for emergency situations (when available)
•   Pet resource assistance (leash, collar,  litter)
•   Assistance with minor vet expenses that are needs
•   Assistance with spaying or neutering so there are no additional animals that you must find homes for.
•   Rehoming through HOME to HOME

HOME to HOME allows you to post your animal on our website to be adopted out by you.  You can not place require a re-homing fee if you use this service.  All communications regarding your animal will be between you and the interested party.  Please click on the link above to read more about HOME to HOME. 



•   Reduces stress on animals by keeping them out of the shelter.
•   Leaves more shelter resources available to animals with no other options- stray, abandoned or suffering from neglect.
•   Gives potential new owners a chance to learn more about the animals directly from the current owner.

Alabama struggles with pet over-population, so shelters are crowded and do the best they can.  We urge you to consider every option to surrendering your pet and utilize the resources available to you before surrendering your pet.
This helps our organization ensure shelter is available for the pets that need it most — those who are lost, displaced, homeless, injured, or sick.  When using Home to Home, you must post a picture of the animal with the profile.  Click here to post your animal on Home to Home.



Pet Surrender

All pets are easily stressed and grieve for their families and their companions.  It is always best for you, the pet owner, to find your pets’ next safe and healthy home.
Shelters are stressful places for any dog or cat and should, therefore, be the last resort for individuals looking to safely rehome their pet. TMAS has, at any given moment, around 250 pets inside the shelter making pets scared, uncomfortable and overwhelmed.

Due to limited staffing, individualized attention to shelter pets is often not possible. It is common for a pet to growl, bite, stop eating, and to develop a serious respiratory infection within the first two weeks of entering a shelter, despite our best efforts.

While we strive to help you resolve any problems so you can keep your pet, we understand there are extenuating circumstances that may force you to surrender your pet.

Metro Animal Shelter only accepts animals by appointment only.  We can only help so many animals a day and can not exceed our ability to be able to properly care for the animals we have.  

Be prepared to sign a relinquishment form and provide information about the animal.  You must also have a valid ID (state ID or driver's license).  We only accept animals from Tuscaloosa County and Tuscaloosa County residents.

Starting in October, 2021, there will be a $25 surrender fee for each owned pet.  This fee will help us cover a small portion of the cost of caring for the pet.  Litters (8 weeks old or less) will remain $25.  

Call to schedule an appointment or call 205-752-9101 to schedule one.



Snip It Tickets (Assistance with spaying/neutering)

The Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter spay/neuter certificate program allows you to have your animal spayed/neutered for the cost of a certificate ($20). The program is in partnership with the Alabama spay/neuter clinic in Birmingham. The program targets individuals we consider in need due to financial or physical constraints. Qualifying information is listed below. Metro Animal Shelter is only providing the low cost certificates and is not involved with any medical procedure or treatment. We will alter up to 6 animals per household (3 dogs & 3 cats). Certificates will be issued as long as we have funds for the program.

How do I qualify?

We are using economic factors to gauge qualifications at this time. We may expand the program later if funds and interest permit. For the moment you must prove need.



Government Assistance Criteria

Alabama EBT

*Card for food assistance or temporary assistance.

Low  Housing Income

*Documents regarding low income rental or rental assistance.

SSI (Supplemental Security Income)

*Annual letter of benefits or monthly benefit card.


*Medicaid benefit card.


*Unemployment benefit letter or check stub.


Household Income Criteria

Number In HouseholdAnnual IncomeMonthly Income


*Based on %150 of the Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2015-2016.  For each additional household member add $6,000.
*To verify income we require the applicant’s W-2 form for the previous year.