Animal Control

City of Tuscaloosa: 205-349-5311
City of Northport:  205-339-6600
Tuscaloosa County:  205-752-0616

Veterinary Clinics in Tuscaloosa County

Bryant Drive Animal Hospital

2211 Paul W Bryant Drive
Tuscaloosa, AL  35401

69 South Veterinary Clinic

13399 AL 69
Tuscaloosa, AL  35405


231 McFarland Blvd.
Northport, AL  35476

Fosters Veterinary Clinic

13474 US-11 Suite 5
Fosters, AL  35463

Indian Hills Animal Clinic

200 McFarland Circle N
Tuscaloosa, AL  35406

May Veterinary Clinic N

2325 McFarland Blvd.
Northport, AL  35476

Animal Medical Center

1100 Rice Valley Rd N
Tuscaloosa, AL  35406

Averette Veterinary Hospital

510 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
Northport, AL  35476

May Veterinary Clinic Northridge

6030 Watermelon Rd
Northport, AL  35473

McLendon Veterinary Clinic

1525 University Blvd. E
Tuscaloosa, AL  35404

Northcreek Veterinary Clinic

12420 Wildcat Drive Unit E
Northport, AL  35475

Ramey Veterinary Hospital

1009 37th St. E
Tuscaloosa, AL  35405

Tidmore Veterinary Hospital

2914 Lurleen B Wallace Blvd.
Northport, AL  35476

Town & Country

6350 AL 69
Tuscaloosa, AL  35405


The Tuscaloosa Spay & Neuter Incentive Program, a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization, was founded in the spring of 2013 with the mission of reducing the unwanted pet population in the cities of Tuscaloosa and Northport, Alabama, through two main programs: Community education and feral cat control. These programs include education efforts for elementary through post-secondary students as well as the general public, and a feral cat colony program that focuses on Trap-Neuter-Return. 

If you have feral cats around your property, TSNIP can help spay/neuter to reduce the cat over-population.


Wildlife Information

Spring is baby wildlife season. And as the weather warms, we get an increase in calls from good samaritans who have found baby wild animals like squirrels, opossums and birds. Generally, if you find a baby wild animal, the best thing to do is leave it alone.

The Alabama Wildlife Center Helpline provides advice and information on how to deal with all kinds of wildlife problems and emergencies.  205-663-7930, ext. 2 , 7 days a week.

For more information about wildlife, please visit Alabama Wildlife Center – A Champion for Alabama's Native Birds Since 1977

Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic

Incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in March 2007, Alabama Spay/Neuter’s Board of Directors felt that opening a facility that provided high-quality, high-volume, low-cost spay/neutering was the only sustainable way to end the overpopulation of dogs and cats in Central Alabama.

Contact the Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic if you need assistance getting your animal spayed/neutered.  They provide a service to meet you in town for pick up of your animal if needed.


Animal League of Birmingham

The Animal League of Birmingham is dedicated to raising funds for non-profit rescues and shelters in Birmingham and the surrounding area who support the health, welfare, and general well being of animals in need.

Friends of Cats and Dogs

Friends of Cats and Dogs have low cost spay/neuter certificates available to anyone in the community. There is no qualification process. Certificates can be purchased electronically on their site or by check via US Mail.  They have a large list of participating vets that will accept these certificates as payment for your pet’s spay or neuter surgery.  Visit their site for more information.


Rescues in Tuscaloosa County

An animal rescue group or animal rescue organization is dedicated to pet adoption.  These groups take unwanted, abandoned, and abused pets and attempt to find suitable homes.  They often operate on donations and foster homes only.  Some rescues help shelters like ours by taking some animals from our facility and help us find loving homes.  

The following is a list of rescues in our area.

Humane Society of West Alabama
Canine Compassion Fund
Callie's Place
No Greater Love
Paws of Dixie
Alabama SPCA

Wags to Riches Photography

Wags to Riches Photography is a group of volunteer photographers that specialize in shelter animal photography.

Their mission is to increase positive outcomes for shelter animals by providing free photography services to shelter and rescue organizations.  

They also take pictures of animals in foster homes to help get animals adopted faster.