We are allowing individuals to come on-site and view animals again. However, we will only be allowing 10 individuals into the shelter at a time and MASKS ARE REQUIRED for entry. If you come to the shelter without a mask you will be turned away. Depending on capacity you may be asked to wait outside. Foster will continue to be via appointment. For those who wish too do curbside we will allow curbside for Adoptions and Happy Hour. Schedule an appointment by clicking here.
Due to the ongoing issue with the Novel Coronavirus we have created a page to keep the public updated on our operations and to provide up to date information for owners and their pets during the COVID-19 situation. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

Metro Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization contracted to serve as the municipal animal shelter for Tuscaloosa City, Tuscaloosa County, and Northport. Our focus is to seek as many permanent, loving homes as possible for the hundreds of animals brought to us every year.

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At TMAS we believe the best shelter is a Humane Community. We have progressed greatly over past 5 years but there is still a lot of work to do.
So become involved and help us progress even further!

We have come far but there is still work to do!

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Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter is the only stray receiving facility for Tuscaloosa County, Tuscaloosa City, and the City of Northport. All animals picked up by the three municipal animal control agencies in Tuscaloosa County are brought to TMAS. If you find a stray animal please call the shelter at 205-752-9101 before bringing it to make sure we have space. Below are links to our missing pet resources.