In order to help reunite owners with their pets we have added a section with a list of other resources for people to use to search for and post their missing pets.

Lost & Found Hotline

We have developed a new lost and found hotline. While it does not have the search features of our old hotline you are now able to text pictures of missing or found animals. You still can call in and describe and animal you have found or lost. So just text or call 205-737-3221. We will post missing animals on our facebook page and bulletin board.

Lost & Found Bulletin Board

We have created a bulletin board for people to post lost and found pets on- this replaces the old system used on our other website.

Currently in development & will launch by Mid June!


You can also visit our Facebook page and send us a message and we will post your missing pet post on our page. Just click the button below to be taken to it.

TMAS Facebook Page

Tuscaloosa Missing Pets

Tuscaloosa Missing Pets is a Facebook Group where many people in Tuscaloosa post lost, missing, and found pets.

Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter is not affiliated with this facebook group. We are not responsible for the content posted to the group or comments and actions of the group members. However, this is a resource that is used by many members of the community which is why we have listed it here.
Tuscaloosa MISSING Pets