Limited Access

We are allowing individuals into the shelter again on a limited basis.  We will only allow a maximum of 10 people into the facility at a time.  You are REQUIRED to have a mask on.  If you do not have a mask you will not be allowed into our facility.  However, we will still allow people who do not want to enter our facility the option of doing curbside or virtual adoptions.  Fostering will still require an appointment.  To schedule an appointment you can use our online booking tool below or call the shelter at 205-752-9101.

Interested in adopting?  Please read!!
Since curbside adoption appointments are limited to 1 hour intervals, if you are interested in adopting, please try to have an animal in mind before setting up an appointment.  We also ask that you visit our adoption pages and pre-fill out the online application.  This will expedite the adoption process (note: an online application does NOT RESERVE an animal for adoption).

Using the appointment tool 
Just select a Program (Adoptions or Fostering) and then hit the 'continue' button.  A list of available dates and times will pop up.  Select the time and then fill out the appropriate information.  All appointments will be 'pending' until a staff member contacts you to verify the appointment.