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For the last two years, June and July have represented the months with the fewest number of adoptions for the animal shelter. After reviewing and discussing adoption figures, the shelter has decided to take a more aggressive approach with our June and July adoptions this year. We will have a discounted adoption event from June 24th to July 3rd of this year where all animals available for adoption will have their fees reduced by half.

For this event, we are offering businesses and individuals an opportunity to sponsor animal adoption fees. The sponsorship cost is $50 per animal and will be allotted to animals based on the amount of time they have resided in the shelter. Animals who have been in the shelter the longest will be prioritized. All sponsored animals will be available to be adopted, for a $5 processing fee. If a sponsored animal is not adopted it will still retain sponsorship after the event and will have a reduced adoption fee for the duration of its stay at the shelter.

Each sponsored animal will have a sign placed on its cage with your business’s logo or whatever individual branding you wish shown. You may also sponsor an animal anonymously. Businesses that sponsor an entire row of animals (18 kennels) with a cost of $900 will be considered an event sponsor. As an event sponsor your logo will be listed on our website and on all promotional media for the event. If interested in sponsoring, please click the button below and fill out our sponsorship form. Completed forms can be emailed to tsahm@metroanimalshelter.org or faxed to 205-752-9101.

Sponsorships for the event have ended


You can see what the cage sign looks like below!

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