Please make sure you contact the appropriate person.

Executive Director

The Executive Director should be contacted about business related matters.
Executive Director – Jennifer Earp
*jearp[ at ]

Jennifer Earp

Kennel Manager/Volunteer Coordinator

All questions regarding our volunteer program should be directed to our kennel manager.
Kennel Manager/Volunteer Coordinator – Tara Freeman
*tfreeman[ at ]

Tara Freeman

Event Coordinator

The Event Coordinator should be contacted about all event matters.
Event Coordinator – Becki Pate
*bpate[ at ]

Becki Pate

Education Coordinator

Interested in having Libby Listens visit your school? Contact our education coordinator!
Education Coordinator- Mary Calhoun

*mcalhoun[ at ]

Mary Calhoun

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager should be contacted about financial matters and matters relating to applications.
Operations Manager – Nikki Hoggle
*nhoggle[ at ]

Nikki Hoggle

Intake Coordinator

If you have any questions about stray animals or missing pets you will need to contact the intake coordinator.
Intake Coordinator – Katie Elliott
*kelliott[ at ]

Katie Elliott

Rescue Coordinator

If you are a rescue organization interested in pulling a dog you will need to contact the rescue coordinator.
Rescue Coordinator – Christal McBride
*cmcbride[ at ]

Christal McBride

Outreach Coordinator

If you are interested in sponsorship or working with the shelter in an outreach capacity you can email our outreach coordinator.
Outreach Coordinator – Elizabeth Presley
*epresley[ at ]

Elizabeth Presley